Lisa and Drew
Liam at Grandma and Grandpas for Thanksgiving and all of that kind of rigamarole, and stuff and things, and like that, and everything is groovy, and I'm so cool I'm rocket fuel!!!
The Reverend
Tracy and Friend
Bill and Patsy Symes
Bill Symes
Lisa with Ellington
At Lisa's High School reunion with Debby
Drew... Hard(ly) at Work
My Father, Lisa, and my Mother
Peter and Liam...Organizing the Event!!
Liam, Master of his Domain!
Denny Bevis and Drew discussing the ramifications of putting together this Toy!!
AAAUURRRGGHHGHH!! 'Tis the Pirate DrewBeard!!
DrewBeards first mate LiSmee
I'm gonna' ride This Pony!!
Drew, Peter and Liam
Mom and Liam
The Rev., Prof., Gerald H. Slusser, PhD; TThD; and great Father
An old friend, Lisa Weber, giving me a hard time!!
So, you really want to Live together hunh??
Lisa and her Mom, Helen
Picnicking in Arizona
Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, and See no Evil at Bajamar!!
Linda and Drew at Bajamar
Ginger and Drew discussing Hamster Care and Feeding.
Ginger and Clay at Sea World
Karen, Kristy, Papa and Lisa