Stretch Dootson
Winniefred Dootson...Original Doots
I'm Wanda..the SophistiCat!!
GV Divers 1980-2000
GV Dive
Tascha Two Shooz
Reginald Dootson
China Blue
My Bed!! Mine...Mine...Mine!!!
Winniefred Dootson
Huzzah!! ah woogie Huzzie Wuzzah!! Huz-Huz...
Pass the Coppertone!!
No...we weren't doing anything
Nuthins' better than a potted Ellington!!
Two bellies is too few!!
I absorb this reading material by Osmosis!
Ellington 1981-1989
Ernie LeBernald Dootson 1993-2005
Where're My Presents??
Angel the Lap Conqueror
I'm right next to you Tascha
Oh Golly Gosh...GV is right next to me...What ever am I going to do???
Lil' Baby Sister Dootsons, Winnie and Wanda
Angel's Bagged as usual
Two in the window is worth...No, two in the bush birdies!!
Weeber Dootson, on limited display, see her while you can!!