There are so many reasons living in this world to continue on. The drudgeries that our lives are constantly bombarded with can be tamed and hopefully lost in the appreciation of the life that surrounds us, from our families, our friends and especially from the planets children. Earth has an abundance of wonderfull "critters". Each with the prescient ability to give all humans a reason to rejoice in the fact that we actually do exist.
The animal families around us inspire me in many different ways. The largest and smallest, all have places within the heart of the planet and within all that is "surrounded" and embraced by that which is our greatest asset, "Earth". Go outside your domocile!! Step onto a piece of this planet!! Tell me that this is not a most wondrous feeling!! We live!! We live amongst the most beautiful creations in our known Universe.
We should learn from the ways that the animal "families" around us exist and coexist.
The key ingredient is that we are all here together. If we lose even one species we have lost a part of ourselves. The planet is the planet and everything that is on the planet is part of the whole.
The whole can be a lot better if we learn to respect all that lives, all that dies, and how we are related to all that surrounds us. "Surrounds" is a very large word, consider what is surrounding you right now!! Some things are better seen than written or said
We humans consider ourselves to have a superior intellect. If that is so why do we as humans neglect the very planet that has given us life, the air we breathe, the companionship of all that is living around us; and the ability to express our feelings through art, music, dance, literature and a myriad of other abilities with which we have been blessed.
What happened to the concept of Love

How could any human being believe
that damaging this creature will benefit himself or anything
that the planet Earth has to offer?
The pictures talk for themselves!! In the "Jungle Vernaculer" "Err.... I'm out"
DS "late!"

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