Skimmer Diagram

This was my original working diagram. As mentionecd earlier there have been a few improvements in the design since putting this skimmer into service. There was a large learning curve for me and I hope I can impart some of wisdom that has come to me through trial and error.

The largest problems I ran across were the output at the bottom of the main tube and the gasket. There were of course numerous leaks that I had to fix with various techniques. In retorospect I suppose that these sorts of things are to be expected from a self taught fledgling plastics apprentice, but some of the pit falls could have easily been avoided with some direction. I will go into more detail back on the main skimmer page.

Here are some pictures of the skimmer top and bottom:

Skimmer bottom w/Gasket and Flange

Skimmer Top and Collection Cup

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