These pages will represent the culmination and on going progress of the AquascapeDS project. The project has become a very important part of my life, and will continue to be so. In its undertaking I have learned invaluable information about myself and the planet around me. Information that will be with me the rest of my life and hopefully for my friends and family a better understanding of what this project is about.

The pictures posted in this series of articles are "before and after" pictures. I will date them so that the viewer can see the progress of the tank as time goes by. The articles will reflect the changes that have taken place over the years and any new additions as far as animals and or tank improvements. The articles will also be dated and hopefully placed chronologically correct.

I feel that it is important to understand the time frame that a project like this encompasses and how the changes, however minute, have taken place. As the project matures so will I in the way that I approach this and subsequent projects in kind.

One of these maturing processes is that I have started culturing my own Nannochloropsis (a microalgae) to feed both the filter feeders in the tank and a rotifer population that I have also started. The rotifers (zooplankton) will offer some of the corals and fish that I am currently keeping some more nutricious natural food that is found in the ocean. These are the types of techniques that these pages will explain and offer insights into and the results of their use.