After many years of tending to various freshwater aquariums I found myself drooling over the beauty of Reef Aquariums that I had seen in offices and aquarium stores. I decided to check into this hobby for it seemed to me that with my experience that it should not be that much different. Immediately, upon making the decision to try this new project, I looked into what was entailed in producing and purchasing the necessary equipment and livestock for just such a hobby.

I found that the cost of such a project was way beyond my means. Being that I had experience with cabinet building, and had a fairly good inventory of woodworking tools I decided to do research into the DIY approach to the whole project.

The pages here are a compilation of each of the individual projects I tackled to make this dream a reality. I took on the the design and building of: The tank itself; The Sump/refugium; The Protein Skimmer; The Overflow box; I made most of the rock in the tank; A Coiled Denitrator; An Auto-topoff system; The Lighting; And also a Controlled Plenum Wasting array that will allow me to drain water from under the Plenum, without disturbing the tank substrate.

Podzilla's Cave